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Get familiar with the technology behind the ANDROID4TV framework. Find the answers to some of the questions at FAQ section or contact us directly to get the others.

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Learn & Try

Learn and try

It’s time to move the step forward and try out the benefits of Android environment. Developing and testing your ANDROID4TV application without using a physical device is just a few clicks away. Download the basic bundle, emulator and explore the ANDROID4TV framework on your PC. Join the forum discussions and share your expeirence.




Get the “real feel” experience by becoming our partner. Sign the ESLA and order the STB based on the Marvell reference design. Additionally, 8h of remote technical support will be at your disposal along with the issue reporting service.


Product Development

Product Development

Should you decide to proceed with industrialization and integration of the ANDROID4TV technology inside your device/network here are the steps and procedures we foresee.

Sign the Software License Agreement and:

  • Get access to the ANDROID4TV technology in source code (licensed as is)
  • Get the SDK/BSP and Android from the silicon vendor directly
  • Put in place an important chapter of this agreement - Anti-Fragmentation Clause to force unification of the ANDROID4TV API
  • Get access to the Verification Test Plan and the corresponding test suite for verification of library functionality against the given API
  • Set commercial terms of usage of the middleware libraries, 1 Euro per deployed device
  • Set rules of engagement regarding software deployment. You should send back
    • one final device
    • the software in binaries, except the final version of middleware libraries which are expected in source code, in order to prove against the given VTP
  • Optional appendixes for maintenance service

Deployment & Maintenance

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Monitor the performance of the STB in the field (i.e. with the help of TR069 solution). Plan and execute corrective actions if needed.


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