The ANDROID4TV Framework


The ANDROID4TV framework encapsulates full set of TV features in Java classes, interfaces and enumerations providing a standardized Java API for development of Android TV applications. Namely, ANDROID4TV framework is a Java abstraction of TV functionalities implemented by a TV middleware in a native system layer. It is implemented as an Android service which is started at boot time and exposed to end user applications through the Android binder IPC mechanism.

The following key TV features are available through the Android application framework (TIF):

  • Service installation/service zapping
  • Parental control
  • HDMI CEC control
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Audio/Video and subtitles tracks management

The application framework proposed in ANDROID4TV is a complementary extension of Android application framework. There is no overllaping between the two frameworks or replacing of the default framework, meaning ANDROID4TV is an added value to what is present in Android by default.

The following key TV features are available through the ANDROID4TV framework:

IPTV/OTT features:

  • Network protocol stack supporting both unicast and multicast
  • FCC/RET mechanisms
  • Adaptive streaming
  • CAS
  • DRM

Broadcast TV features:

  • DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2 support through the management of physical tuners
  • Service installation (manual and automatic), service list management, multi country and multi language support
  • Events management (present/following, over 7 days)
  • Teletext and subtitles acquisition and rendering control
  • Timeshift buffer and PVR management
  • Conditional access management
android4tv framework

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