What´s new with Oreo?!

Android Oreo for Android TV Is Here

And it brings a brand-new user experience with a totally reshuffled home screen. Apps are turned into channels which deliver contents. This gives a very easy to navigate, content-oriented user interface where every app / channel makes recommendations within its contents and promote them with metadata and previews. Interesting to mention as well is that Oreo comes with Google Assistant built-in which means that all apps may be voice controlled, that it introduces PiP which allow to launch an app with a video running in background, and that is adds a framework at system level called MediaCas which dramatically eases the integration of pay TV Conditional Access Systems (CAS).


It's Time for Open-source Everything

By open sourcing its ANDROID4TV framework, iWedia launches an initiative for smooth and easy integration of IPTV and broadcast TV (DVB/ATSC) functionalities inside TV and STB devices powered by the Android operating system.

The technology is market proven, and fully aligned with Google policies. It can be deployed in Google TV (CTS, TV CTS) as well as in the Android open source version.

By donating ANDROID4TV Java application layer (license free, royalty free) to the open community, and by offering a emulator and development platforms, we aim at encouraging the wide community of Android developers to start developing true TV centric applications. At the same time we invite the middleware vendors to use it as the northbound API for all Android operated TV devices, with a clear strategy that it becomes a native part of future Android distributions.

open source

Develop a TV Application as an Android APK

Since 2009 iWedia has been working on a new technology aiming at expansion of Android operating system to the TV world. This technology, called ANDROID4TV, extends the Android application framework with TV functionalities allowing developing a TV application as an Android APK.

The ANDROID4TV framework is a middleware placeholder (pre-integrated with iWedia middleware) that brings one crucial benefit to TV operators worldwide: the leverage of Android openness, flexibility, and developers' community.

STB application

Benefits of Android Ecosystem on Your STB

"Our vision of Android becoming a preeminent environment for digital TV devices (the same way it has happened for mobile devices) is actually turning into reality. There is an irresistible traction on the market where more and more digital TV device manufacturers as well as digital TV service providers are to adopt Android as their environment of choice mainly to benefit from its existing ecosystem. Based on our track-record of success in extending Android for digital TV, we are now in an ideal position to propose mature and field proven software products to this growing market." - Nikola Teslic CTO iWedia.

Android STB


  • Live managed IPTV (multicast)
  • Live TV OTT, VoD, catch-up (unicast)
  • Network protocol stack ("Virtual IP tuner") supporting:
    • UDP, RTP/RTCP, RTSP, IGMP for multicast
    • TCP, HTTP for unicast
  • Pre-integrated with the client SDKs of major Video over IP Content Delivery Networks including:
    • VQE for Cisco Videoscape
    • FCC/RET – Fast Channel Change/transmission RETry – for Alcatel-Lucent Multiscreen Video Platform
  • Pre-integrated with the client stacks of major adaptive streaming protocols:
    • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
    • HLS
  • Pre-integrated with the client SDKs of major Conditional Access Systems (CAS):
    • Verimatrix
  • Pre-integrated with the client SDKs of major Digital Right Management (DRM) systems:
    • Verimatrix
    • Microsoft PlayReady
    • Google Widevine

The Only Android Native Bridge to Broadcast

  • Live TV is supported over DVB thanks to the management of physical tuners
  • Transmission: DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2
  • The signal carried over DVB is integrally managed according to the relevant standards (PSI/SI, Teletext, subtitles, etc.)
  • Full featured zapper: user settings management, service installation, zapping, "now and next" information banner, 7-day EPG, etc.
  • PVR engine with time shift buffer, instant and scheduled (manual, via EPG) recordings


ANDROID4TV Emulator - Get a hands on experience of the ANDROID4TV features

  • Emulated ANDROID4TV environment running in virtual machine
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Completely free of charge

Download ANDROID4TV Emulator


STB reference design - Do a proof of concept of your future product

  • STB reference design:
    • Quad core processor
    • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
    • 8 GB NAND flash
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Available upon signing Evaluation Software License Agreement (ESLA)

More details about the STB reference design


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